How to Clone GPEC3, GPEC2A, GPEC2,GPEC, NGC4A and NGC4 ECUs

Replacing a damaged ECU can easily be resolved through cloning its information onto a replacement unit.
This means that both new and second hand ECUs can be used to create a plug and play replacement.
One of the greatest advantages of this, is no additional security information is required from a dealership or vehicle to complete the task which allows a replacement ECU to be created by simply using the original ECUs information.

Following this tutorial will demonstrate just how easy it is to clone any of these common FCA ECUs using ECUHero.
The current supported ECUs for cloning include:

  • GPEC3
  • GPEC2A
  • GPEC2
  • GPEC
  • NGC4A
  • NGC4

We have a video shown below which indicates the cloning process. But in short there are 4 main steps:

  1. Identify ECU and take note of the Part Number/OS used in it along with its VIN and SRI (If supported).
  2. Read the EEPROM (If supported) and save to your computer.
  3. Connect replacement ECU, then select to write EEPROM, select the original ECU EEPROM file.
  4. Once completed, select Flash Memory then select Hardware/OS file to write.
  5. Once done, verify the VIN and SRI match the original ECUs details.

*Note 1: GPEC does not have an eeprom to select. You only need to set the VIN and write correct Hardware/OS file to flash memory.

*Note 2: NGC4 does not have an eeprom to select. It will have an option to read the security bytes which can then be written to the replacement ECU.

*Note 3: The connected ECUs (Original and Replacement) require 1 Hero token each to license (Total 2 Tokens used).