Wiring Diagrams for FCA Vehicles (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat)

These bench wiring diagrams are exactly what we use for FCA ECUs, and the recommended ones to use if using our ECUHero flashing software. 
Vehicles that are fitted with a secure gateway module (SGM) will also need to either bypass the gateway or put the ECU onto the bench to allow communicating with it.

Each of these bench looms have been tested using various factory and aftermarket programming applications including our very own ECUHero.

The recommended power supply to use is something between 14-15volts that provides at least 2amps (2000ma) to ensure sufficient power is delivered during programming procedures. A very common supply is the belker charger as found here on amazon: Belker Adjustable Power Supply 

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NGC4 and NGC4A